Blockchain services

As blockchain technology is still in his infancy, each solution are following test driven development philosophy

We are driving your project from the Proof-of-Concepts until it's integration in your legacy systems.


  • Minimum Viable Product development and Proof of Concept
  • Private or public infrastructure
  • Low cost budget experimentation to cover your business use cases


  • MVP or PoC deployment
  • System integration within your organisation
  • Application legal review

Our Methods

Tailor made

  • Technology Agnostic, we select the best fit protocol for your project
  • Meanwhile using well know blockchain code library, the code is tailored to your needs


  • We are following the Agile method to deliver incrementally.
  • Average estimated time to a Proofs-of-concept : 6 to 8 weeks

Multi-Skilled Workforce Optimisation

  • In term of blockchain, technical can not go without our legal advisory
  • If needed we are outsourcing complementary skillets.

The technical team

Our team include the best blockchain developers in Asia. They are coding using the main stream protocol (solidity - Ethereum), as well as private blockchain network or less main stream protocols : Hyperledger, Ripple, EOS, zilliqa, you name it

Contact our consultants

If you have any questions about our services or are interested in working with us then do not hesitate to email